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ANR Estates & Infracon Projects Pvt. Ltd is an incorporated one of the top real companies in India, offering VUDA approved housing plots with sandalwood plantation concept under following terms and conditions. We are very transparent in real estate business. So, please read following terms and conditions. Buying a plot in our Venture means you are agreeing to our terms of service.

ANR Estates Services from Visakhapatnam in A.P

ANR Estates Offering Housing Plots only to the customers, who agrees to give their plots for lease to the company for 15 years for cultivating sandal wood plants.

Down Payment 25%

We will allot a plot of required size to the customers in the approved VUDA layout at company’s offer price. Customer should pay the 25% of the plot cost and they will get the plot allotment letter from the company.

Plot Allotment Letter

50% of the plot cost must be paid by true customer to obtain the allotment letter from the company for that plot.

Registration of Plot

When the company obtains approval from the VUDA, company informs to the customer to come for registration and the customer must come and register their plot within 15 days from the date of intimation from the company regarding VUDA approval.

Revenue Clearance

Change of land use from Agricultural to Non-agricultural has been done and the company obtained zioraiti certificate from mandal revenue officer (Vepada mandalam).

Clear Title

The said layout is situated in “Singarai” grama panchayat, vepada mandal, vizianagaram Dist covered by Survey Numbers 90p, 91p, 92p, 100p, 101p, 102p, 103p, for an extent of 28Acres approximately.


As far as Legality is concerned, everything is clear and all the authentic information is available only in the office. If anybody wants to go through it, kindly walk in.

VUDA Approval—under process

Lease Deed for Sandalwood Plantation for 15years:-

This lease is made this ________ day of _____, 2015 _______BETWEEN A.B., aged ___ years, son of _____, resident of_____, (hereafter called the “Lessor”) of the part.


ANR Estates & Infracon Projects Private Limited, a company duly registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, having its registered office at G.K Towers, besides ANR Shopping Mall, Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam, represented by its Chairman Cum Managing Director Sri Adabala Narayana Murthy S/O Late Nageswara Rao and Managing Director Sri Adabala Panduranga Rao S/o Late Nageswara Rao (hereafter called the “Lessee”) of the other part.

The following terms and conditions mutually agreed between the Lessor and the Lessee:

That the Lessee is hereby permitted to doing Sandal Wood cultivation in the said leasehold plot with all expenditure borne by the Lessee during the said lease tenure.

That the sharing of profits on the cultivating Sandal Wood at the ratio of 50% & 50% to the Lessor & Lessee depending up on the Market value at the time of harvesting trees.

That the Lessee shall be at liberty to use the materials thereof in cultivating the plantation of Sandal Wood or any machinery for the use of the Lessee or his men working in or upon the land. The Lessee shall also be permitted to build a tank if needed for collecting water and may also use the land for planting one.

That the Lessee shall be at liberty to appropriate or sell the product of any wood planted by him and may also appropriate to inform the Lessor to sell wood of any trees cut down by him under the forgoing clauses.

That the Lessee shall be at liberty to cut down the Sandal Wood trees periodically depends upon growing conditions by informing to the Lessor, and to sell the same at the value depends up on market and profits will be sharing under the foregoing clauses.

That the Lessor should not claim any possession or transfer the title over the leased property during the lease period. If necessity to transfer the title, it should be transfer along with the lease agreement which connected with the Lessee.

That the Lessor is having every right to visit the schedule property at any time.

That the Lessee shall be at liberty to plant other supporting plantations for growing sandalwood trees during lease period, and the Lessor have no right to claim any crop on the supporting plantations.

That on the expiry or termination of this lease the Lessee shall immediately quit and give peaceful possession to the Lessor after harvesting sandalwood trees.

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December 11, 2015

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