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People who would like to become our customers frequently ask some common questions to us. We answer to such questions in this web page for clarifying doubts for your commonly asked questions. Please read following questions along with answers, to know answers to your questions.

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Why take up of sandalwood cultivation only?

The wood is of great importance in Indian Traditions and medicines. The centre part of wood (heart wood) is valued for the fragrance and yields sandalwood oil which is used in making cosmetics and perfumes.

In simple terms, The Sandalwood is used from cradle to cremation in a human’s life.

I hope your project is far from city?

The project costs a valuable treasure “Sandalwood”, so for its suitability of soil, climatic conditions, pollution free and mainly security reasons. We have optioned at that area.

The area is surrounded by beautiful greenery. It’s mainly on its way to famous tourism spot “Araku”. And is close by to thatipudi reservoir.

Is it Legal to grow and sell sandalwood for commercial reasons?

As per the Section 108 of the Govt. of India Forest (Amendment) Act 2001, sandalwood tree grown in a specific land is the property of the owner of the land. Hence, anybody can grow sandalwood without any apprehensions.

Is there any offers going on if I book a plot now?

Yes, we are exclusively providing two offers …

As soon as sale agreement has been done, you will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw to gain 100 Grams of Gold.

At the Final completion of project, you will be eligible to participate in a Bumper Offer to acquire 500Grams of Gold.

What are the benefits on investing in our project?

By becoming a part of ANR Estates. We will project all the necessary needs to the customer like Amenities, 60′ Main Roads, 40′ internal roads, Open drains, Electrical lines with LED street lights, Children parks with play items, and Relaxing from future investment plans.

What are the measurements to be taken towards care and security of Plantation?

Just like human babies, the sandalwood saplings will need most care in the first year, and will be increasingly independent in following years. You will need to weed around the plants and work the soil for the rest of the years.

When can I except returns?

It actually takes approximately 25-30 years for the trees to step into harvesting. But by continues process of giving it the organic fertilizers in time. We can expect the sandalwood trees to undergo harvesting stage within 15 years.

Therefore, the returns would be 10times we invest along with owning your VUDA housing plot.

If the results are guaranteed, then why don’t the ANR Estates do the farming themselves?

If we have to cultivate only on our own land, we would be limited by our resources. We can satisfy all the basic needs of an individual along with the growth of the industry.

However with community farming model we can cultivate larger areas.

I would like to visit the site? Do you provide transport facility to the site?

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to visit our site. We would certainly provide you transportation as well as special lunch accommodation on Sundays.

What happens if I wish to sell the property within 15 years?

As you own the property, you are free in changing the landowner after 3 years. Only thing is that, the new Landowner must agree to follow the agreement for cultivation as per the company policy.

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