With the blessings of legendary Sri. Akkineni. Nageswara Rao


ANR Estates & Infracon Projects Pvt. Ltd is an incorporated real estate company, started by the ANR Group of Companies in 2012 with a unique concept, which helps customers to secure their investment on their property and also helps them to get profit on it.

Adabala. Nageswara Rao

Adabala. Nageswara Rao

Founder of ANR Group of Companies


Sri Adabala. Nageswara Rao (A.N.R) was a most experienced and successful person in agriculture, and also an origin of ANR Group of Companies. He established ANR Group of Companies.

In his life time, he believed morals, ethics, discipline and whole hearted service are four powerful strong pillars to build a successful business and he proved it by becoming successful in every business by following same principles honestly. He always taught them to his sons Narayana Murthy and Panduranga Rao since their childhood to mould them as most responsible and most respectable persons in the society.

He had taken the business to national level with his dedicated hard work of several years and later he put entire business in his sons’ hands.

Adabala. Narayana Murthy

Chairman of ANR Group of Companies

Adabala. Panduranga Rao

Managing Director of ANR Group of Companies

Sri Adabala. Narayana Murthy and Sri Adabala. Panduranga Rao, who closely observed his father personally as well as professionally since their childhood, decided to follow footprints of their beloved father Sri. Adabala Nageswara Rao (A.N.R).

They continued the legacy on a strong base (respect on their father) and developed it as a successful organization by making the four principles taught by their father as pillars of the ANR Group of Companies.

Adabala. Narayana Murthy and Adabala. Panduranga Rao have seen lot of ups and down in business but they never compromised with the situations and extended the boundaries of ANR Group of companies to International level with courage and confidence.


ANR Group of Companies constantly endeavor is continuously working on upgrading the best quality and services formulation of all its new paradigm of competitiveness products to maximum customer satisfaction, to meet the customer requirements & expectations. Our Mission would be to get the best value for money paid by our customer.


Our Vision is to plot and plant concept.

  • Excellence to meet the global standards for improvement in quality of life and making our planet more sustainable.
  • To reduce the time period of harvesting from 30 years to 15 years.
ANR Group of Companies

ANR Group of Companies is now a trusted strong brand in various fields such as vegetables and trading of fruits in 18 states of India and also popular in some of the surrounding countries of India like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, China and Dubai.

ANR Group of Companies earned respect of people with the sincere dedicated service in past 30 years in various businesses. Finally, ANR Group of Companies entered into real estate with a unique concept, and we have launched several ventures in past. Most recently, we launched our most prestigious green venture, known Green Treasure.

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